Gaming News: April 2017

By Michael Mendis

For this month's Gaming News video, I talk a little bit about the new tech details that Microsoft released about their upcoming console, currently called Project Scorpio.  I also share some thoughts on the recent investment that a Russian internet business is putting into game development.

Digital Foundry article on Project Scorpio tech article on games investment

G&G Plays: Horizon Zero Dawn

By Michael Mendis

Welcome to the first installment of our G&G streaming series, G&G Plays!  Each month we will be taking some time to stream ourselves on Twitch ( and then uploading the stream to YouTube a little later.  For our first session, Jacob Toman and I sat down to play through the beginning of the critically acclaimed PS4 game Horizon Zero Dawn.  Enjoy!

Gaming News: February 2017

By Michael Mendis

For this month's Gaming News video, I start off by talking about Sony's announcement that most of the devices which support PlayStation Now, (Sony's video game streaming service) will be losing that support by the end of the summer, allowing Sony to focus on PSNow for PS4 and PC.

Second, I discuss the recent controversy surrounding the popular YouTuber PewDiePie and an anti-Semitic joke that was in one of his videos.  PewDiePie is actually one of the people we've covered in our Personalities in Gaming series, so click here to check out that article.

Gaming News: January 2017

By Michael Mendis

Hello!  Welcome to our new video series, where I'll be talking about a couple of interesting or important news stories from the gaming world each month.  To kick things off today, I discuss the new details we have on Nintendo's upcoming console called the Switch, as well as the cancellation of Scalebound, a role-playing game that had been headed to Xbox.

Gaming News 10/29/2016: A Switch and a Strike

By Michael Mendis

In this Gaming News video I discuss a couple of recent developments in the game industry.  The first is Nintendo's announcement of their new console, the Nintendo Switch; the second is the recent strike that voice actors have taken against several different companies, including prominent publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision.