Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode #2: The Retail Episode

By Michael Mendis and Jacob Toman

For this month's podcast episode, Jacob (G&G Lead Missionary) and I (Michael Mendis, G&G Content Director) talk about recent news from two prominent gaming retail companies.  First up we talk about the brick-and-mortar retail chain Gamestop and the controversy surrounding their internal Circle of Life program which promotes used games/hardware.  Linked below three articles from Kotaku: two of them are the articles we referenced during the episode, and the third is the newest (released after our recording) detailing some expected changes that Gamestop will be making to the program.

New Gamestop Program Leads Employees To Lie To Customers

"We Are All Scared For Our Jobs": Gamestop Employees Share Their Circle Of Life Storie

Sources: Gamestop Changes Controversial Circle Of Life Program


Our second topic is about the online game retailer Steam, and how the Steam Greenlight program (which is an avenue that some developers have used to get their games onto Steam's digital shelves) is being replaced by Steam Direct.

Official Steam blog announcing the switch to Steam Direct

Valve Kills Steam Greenlight