Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode #1: Quick Hits, Millennials, and Simon Sinek

By Michael Mendis and Jacob Toman

Welcome to the official Gospel & Gaming podcast!  We're excited to kick off the new year with this new series.  For our first podcast, Jacob (G&G Lead Missionary) grills me, Michael (G&G Content Director), with several quick hit questions, and the two of us discuss a video about Millennials that Amy Toman brought to our attention in one of her recent Manic Mondays posts.  Also below are three links: one for the article we mentioned about the game Oneshot, one for the book Michael mentions in the quick hits section, and the last for the Manic Mondays post so you can see the Millennials video for yourself!  Enjoy!

Click here for the article Playing God in Oneshot

Click here for more info on the book I Am N (Amazon page)

Click here to see Amy's Manic Mondays post on Millennials (with video)