Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 11: Holiday Gaming

By Jacob Toman, Michael Mendis, and Jeff Kuebler

For this episode of the G&G podcast, Lead Missionary Jacob Toman and Content Director Michael Mendis are joined by Jeff Kuebler, an intern at G&G who helps out with our ministry work at Lake Saint Charles Retirement Community, to discuss holiday gaming memories and traditions.  From gaming with friends and family, to opening surprise gaming gifts, the holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy a shared hobby and celebrate the amazing love of Jesus!

Articles referenced in the episode:

G&G Reviews: Uncharted 4

Walking in the Light: Honesty and Forgiveness in Uncharted 4

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 10: Opportunities and Challenges

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

In this episode of the G&G podcast (recorded the week of Thanksgiving), Lead Missionary Jacob Toman and Content Director Michael Mendis discuss some of the opportunites and challenges they find in online gaming ministry.  They also chat about MOBAs, and Michael answers some trivia about games released in Novembers of years past.

Links to a couple things discussed in this episode:

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 9: Hosting Events

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

For this podcast, Lead Missionary Jacob Toman and Content Director Michael Mendis talk about what it is like to host gaming events!  Hosting events, whether for board games or video games, is an important part of what we do as a ministry, and it is our hope that through this discussion, you too might gain a better understanding of what it takes to host a successful gaming event that serves the people who are guests and shares the love of Christ with them.  A G&G discussion on hosting events wouldn't be complete without referencing the work that Jacob's wife Amy has done, writing about this very topic last year; click here and here to read some of her thoughts on what it takes to be a good host.

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 8: Board Games!

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

For this latest podcast (recorded before Hurricane Irma hit, our prayers now go out to all those in the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Maria, and all those in Houston and Florida recovering from damages), Lead Missionary Jacob Toman and Content Director Michael Mendis discuss some of their favorite and most memorable experiences playing board games.  Enjoy!

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 6: Gaming Community and Women in Gaming

By Jacob Toman, Michael Mendis, and Merlin Whitman

For this month's podcast, Lead Missionary Jacob Toman and Content Director Michael Mendis are joined by Merlin Whitman, a good friend and a member of our gaming community, to talk about women in gaming and building a community that is welcoming to all.  We also discuss some of our personal highlights from E3 2017.

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 5: Welcome, Stuart!

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

For this month's podcast, Jacob and Michael celebrate our new staffer at G&G: Stuart Holden, a Content Specialist who is focusing on our multimedia output (this is in fact the first podcast he's edited for us, thanks Stuart)!  They then discuss the changes that Steam is making to its gifting policy, and the announcement of the first women's college in the U.S. to create an Esports team.

Steam Gifting Changes Hit Code Resellers

Stephens College forms an Esports team

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 4: Can't Get Mad(Catz)

By Jacob Toman, Michael Mendis, and Ben Kieffer

In this month's podcast, the usual suspects Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis are joined by Ben Kieffer, a fellow staffer here at G&G who serves the community of gamers out at Lake Saint Charles Retirement Community.  The three talk about the recent news that Mad Catz, a longstanding company known for making video game controllers, has gone bankrupt; they also announce G&G's upcoming purchase of a PlayStation VR headset, what that means for the ministry, and some of the questions they have about the future of virtual reality devices.

Articles discussed in the program about Mad Catz:

Madcatz files for bankruptcy (Gamespot)

Article on Madcatz and the fighting game community (Polygon)

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode 3: You've gotta fight for your right to...repair your Xbox

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

For this month's episode of the G&G Podcast, Jacob and Michael discuss the push by esports organization NRG to establish a presence in Washington, D.C., as well as the debate over "Right to Repair" bills that could change the landscape of video game console repair.

D.C. is Gearing Up to Become the Capital of Esports

Apple Lobbies Against "Right to Repair" Proposal in Nebraska

The Battle Over Who Gets To Repair Your Consoles

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode #2: The Retail Episode

By Michael Mendis and Jacob Toman

For this month's podcast episode, Jacob (G&G Lead Missionary) and I (Michael Mendis, G&G Content Director) talk about recent news from two prominent gaming retail companies.  First up we talk about the brick-and-mortar retail chain Gamestop and the controversy surrounding their internal Circle of Life program which promotes used games/hardware.  Linked below three articles from Kotaku: two of them are the articles we referenced during the episode, and the third is the newest (released after our recording) detailing some expected changes that Gamestop will be making to the program.

New Gamestop Program Leads Employees To Lie To Customers

"We Are All Scared For Our Jobs": Gamestop Employees Share Their Circle Of Life Storie

Sources: Gamestop Changes Controversial Circle Of Life Program


Our second topic is about the online game retailer Steam, and how the Steam Greenlight program (which is an avenue that some developers have used to get their games onto Steam's digital shelves) is being replaced by Steam Direct.

Official Steam blog announcing the switch to Steam Direct

Valve Kills Steam Greenlight

Gospel & Gaming Podcast Episode #1: Quick Hits, Millennials, and Simon Sinek

By Michael Mendis and Jacob Toman

Welcome to the official Gospel & Gaming podcast!  We're excited to kick off the new year with this new series.  For our first podcast, Jacob (G&G Lead Missionary) grills me, Michael (G&G Content Director), with several quick hit questions, and the two of us discuss a video about Millennials that Amy Toman brought to our attention in one of her recent Manic Mondays posts.  Also below are three links: one for the article we mentioned about the game Oneshot, one for the book Michael mentions in the quick hits section, and the last for the Manic Mondays post so you can see the Millennials video for yourself!  Enjoy!

Click here for the article Playing God in Oneshot

Click here for more info on the book I Am N (Amazon page)

Click here to see Amy's Manic Mondays post on Millennials (with video)