Judges - The Texture of Failure: Week 4

By Jacob Toman

Last week we observed the life and times of Othniel and Ehud, two of the six major judges of Israel. Today we will observe the life and times of Deborah and Gideon.


Read Judges 4...

1.   How is Deborah introduced? (Hint: See 4:4-5)

2.   Who are the enemies oppressing God’s people ? (Hint: See 4:1-3)

3.   What is Deborah’s message from God to Barak? (Hint: See 4:6-7 and 4:14)

4.   How does Deborah play a role the deliverance of God’s people?

a.   Deborah delivers a _____________ from the Lord

b.   Deborah encourages and challenges leaders to _____________  the Lord

5.   Who is given the credit for the overthrow of Jabin? (Hint: See 4:23)


Read Proverbs 26:27 “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it;  if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.”

Does this verse from Proverbs apply to any of the characters involved in the story of Judges 4?


The story of Deborah gives us a powerful, vivid example of the deliverance God provides to his people. Listening to the Lord’s leadership and following his ways are paramount in the life of God’s people.



The story of Gideon shows us how reluctant God’s people can be to follow the Lord - even in the midst of God’s very presence and miraculous wonders.


Read Judges 6...

1.   What are the summary descriptions of God’s people at the time of Gideon? (Hint: See 6:1, 3, 7)

2.   How does Gideon react to meeting with the Angel of the Lord? (Hint: See 6:13, 15, 17)

3.   What motivates Gideon? (Hint: See 6:27)


Read Judges 7...

4.   How is the army of Gideon shaped and changed? (Hint: See 7:2-6)

5.   Why does Gideon go down into the enemy camp? (Hint: See 7:10)

6.   What does Gideon accomplish despite his fear?