G&G Farewell

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Hello all,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce today that Gospel & Gaming is shutting down.  Due to recent changes within our organization, and after much prayer and discussion amongst the team, we feel that God is closing the door on this ministry and calling us elsewhere.

Despite the fact that Gospel & Gaming is coming to an end, we are amazed by all that God has done through us over the last four and a half years.  Since the ministry launched in the fall of 2013, eight people that we have interacted with as a ministry have come to know Jesus as their savior.  We have had hundreds of gospel conversations with people from all walks of life: young and old, single and married, those with children and those without.  We’ve made friends with people in the U.S., Canada, China, and many other countries.  We’ve started conversations with folks online about a wide range of moral, religious, and philosophical issues.  We’ve posted hundreds of pieces of content (articles, videos, interviews, podcast episodes, etc.) that have been seen by people across the globe.  We’ve given sermons, led Bible studies, and shared gamer culture with churches both in St. Louis and elsewhere in the United States.  And all of this was done by a team made up of four people (and it started with just one)!

In light of all this, all of us here are confident that God is at work in the lives of gamers globally, and that relational evangelism through gaming is a fruitful means of ministry.  Still, we believe that God is bringing this particular ministry, Gospel & Gaming, to a close.


Ben and Shelby Kieffer will continue to serve the gamers at Lake Saint Charles Retirement Community.  They will also continue to fundraise through Global Service Network; click here to learn more about their work at LSC, and to donate.

Michael Mendis will continue to write about gamers, gaming culture, and faith on his personal website, The Heartland Gamer (www.theheartlandgamer.com).   Michael can be reached by email at michaelcmendis@gmail.com

Jacob Toman will continue his work and involvement in St. Louis with his wife Amy, and children Alethea, Ezra, and Rahab. Jacob can be reached at toman.jp@gmail.com


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