Judges - The Texture of Failure: Week 8

By Jacob Toman

Throughout our study of the lives of the judges, I have had two hopes. First, I sincerely hope we’ve been confronted by the grotesque nature of sin. Second, I sincerely hope we’ve witnessed God’s care for his people. Today we wrap up our study by concluding the life of Samson and study the summary description of God’s people at the conclusion of the book of Judges.

Few others in the story of the scriptures are described to have the strength of Samson (perhaps Goliath is the only other comparable physical specimen), or to have accomplished so many deeds of bravery (King David also had killed many in battle and defeated wild beasts). Yet for all the great outward strength of Samson, he lacked much of the inner strength of someone like Joseph, who fled from temptations of the flesh, rather than allow himself to be destroyed by them.


Read Judges 16...

How would you describe Samson’s romantic relationships? (Hint: see 14:1, 16:1, 16:4)

How would you describe Samson and Delilah’s relationship?

samson defeats the philistines.jpg

The book of Judges ends with these two phrases repeated in Judges 17:6 and 21:25

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.

As we conclude our study of the book of Judges we have 5 lessons to be reminded of and learn from.

  1. The enemies of the Israelites came from geographically all around them. As their sin continued and they generationally rejected the Lord, their troubles exponentially grew.
  2. The troubles of God’s people are not the result of an abusive, angry God, but are the natural consequences of what happens to a small nation when God doesn’t specifically protect them.
  3. God does not sit idly by while evil persists. The wages of sin is death - this applies not only to God’s people but also to those who hate the Lord.
  4. God does not abandon his people - God disciplines his people and then restores them to himself.
  5. God uses people from every background for his glory.