G&G Christmas 2017 Theme: Advent Audiences

By Jacob Toman

This year for the weeks leading up to Christmas, and for the weeks leading up to the traditional calendar date for Epiphany, we will be examining the Advent Audiences that were anticipatorily awaiting the messiah.

King Herod and the Wise Men.jpg

As we seek to look back at the first audiences of Jesus birth, and his life, we will seek to better know who the people were Jesus came to live among, serve, rebuke, and save. We will walk through the lives and experiences of the people who had fears, hopes, and expectations of the coming messiah.

We will seek to learn from the faith and hope of the Magi who came from the east.

We will dive into the anxieties and overwhelming joy of the expectant Mary.

We will bring to light the sinful idols of the first century and today.

We will challenge ourselves with the songs of proclamation from the messengers of God.

We will listen to the words of Jesus to crowds who wanted so much less than he offered.

I invite you to join us at Gospel & Gaming as we seek to share in the excitement, and anticipation of the celebration of Christ’s incarnation through our advent series: Advent Audiences.

Advent Expectations

Singing Audiences

Advent Audiences: Strong Responses

Audiences of Rejection