2017 End of the year donations

Thank you to all of our supporters who have offered their prayers, shared their time, and invested financially in 2017. 

Every member of the team at Gospel & Gaming lives through faith that God provides for our efforts. If you would like to join the group of committed believers who are dedicated to sharing Jesus with gamers, we invite you to seek God's wisdom in giving your time and finances. 

All donations through Global Service Network must be  must be written in 2017, postmarked by December 31, 2017.

To contribute financially to Gospel & Gaming you can: 

1. You can give online through our donations partner with a Credit Card or Electronic Check on either a one time or monthly basis (Tax deductible): https://globalservicenetwork.org/give/30215001/?view#30215001.

2. You can make your check payable to Global Service Network and enclose a note stating the project (Gospel & Gaming) you wish to support and the corresponding account number (30215001). 

You can mail the contribution to (Tax deductible):

        Global Service Network

        PO Box 1809

        Apex, NC 27502

To contribute financially to a team member at Gospel & Gaming you can: 

3. You can support an individual team member at Gospel & Gaming by giving via Credit Card, Electronic Check or physical check. Check out staff pages below: http://gospelandgaming.net/who-we-are/

Michael Mendis: Content Director at Gospel & Gaming (2015-present) - https://globalservicenetwork.org/give/50515006/?view

Ben Kieffer: Chaplain's Assistant at Gospel & Gaming (2015-present) - https://globalservicenetwork.org/give/51115003/?view

Jacob Toman: Lead Missionary at Gospel & Gaming - (2013-present) - http://globalservicenetwork.org/give/50913003/?view

Thank you for your prayers, time, and financial support that allows us to equip the church, and empower gamers

"Each generation of the church in each setting has the responsibility of communicating the gospel in understandable terms, considering the language and thought-forms of that setting."
-Francis Schaeffer