Manic Mondays: Support

By Amy Toman

Support is such an easy word to understand but such a hard concept to fully grasp. I thought I knew all about supporting those that I love; I figured, hey, it can't be that hard to be a supportive wife. I’ve always thought that being supportive would be a simple act, that is until I was forced to play a support in League of Legends. Back in the day (you know, before the kiddos arrived) while Jacob was at seminary, we would play League together: him at school on break from classes, me at home pregnant with Alethea. Most of the time, I played solo Mid Lane, all by myself with others to help me if needed. I always said I played Mid because the character I chose worked best in that situation, but that wasn’t true. It was easier to play alone in the lane. It was easier to not have to rely on someone else to help, or get in the way while destroying minions.  

Back to the time I had to play support, it was HORRIBLE. Playing support seemed easy: you just have to make sure everyone else, particularly your AD Carry, got the kills. No problem, right? HUGE PROBLEM! I was horrible at coordinating with the AD Carry and making sure I only hit a minion or competitor enough to decrease their health but not actually kill them. Now I was VERY lucky that this game was against the computer so people weren’t too mad at me, but never again will I play support in League.

Luckily, I am not that horrible at being a support in our family. One of the first things people ask me when we speak at churches and with ministry supporters is what I think about Gospel and Gaming. Do I support my husband in this ministry, or is this something he’s doing alone? I am always quick to answer the truth, that Gospel and Gaming is a ministry that we started together, and that we are in together. My role is much like that of other missionary wives and pastors wives, supporting my husband.

Supporting my husband takes many different shapes and forms, and it changes daily, but ultimately it comes down to a few things: being there for him, running our household and loving those that God has placed in our life.

Being there for my husband is something that I am so blessed to be able to do. It is not always easy to start a new ministry, especially one as crazy as the one we have started. Taking the time to be together is one way of supporting my husband. Our lives, like many, are very busy and we try to be very diligent with scheduling time together; sometimes this is watching TV late at night when the kids go to bed, sometimes it’s going on lunch dates and other times it’s just taking a walk with the kids. Puttting my husband first is a great way I show him how important he is and how much I support him in our ministry.

Now, running the household might not seem like an obvious way of supporting my husband, but trust me, it is. Gospel and Gaming currently runs out of the office, which is located in our basement. This means that Jacob works from home, as well as other employees and volunteers for Gospel and Gaming. Keeping the house clean, kids fed and happy, and Jacob fed are HUGE forms of support. Running the household includes the house being clean and presentable so individuals can use the kitchen and bathroom as needed. It includes providing mostly healthy and nourishing meals to Jacob and Gospel and Gaming employees/volunteers to allow them to complete the work they need to do. Planning and providing the little things helps Gospel and Gaming do what it does best: ministering to others online, and discipling fellow Christians.

The first 2 ways that I support Jacob were in very practical, visible ways; this third one, not so much. One thing that Jacob and I have been focusing on is loving those that God has placed in our life. I’m not sure how many people realize the love that Jacob has for those he ministers to and works alongside. Loving people is difficult but also rewarding. Although I am not daily ministering to gamers, I still love them. It can be difficult to love gamers who not only don’t believe in God, but have a hatred toward Him. Loving those that God has placed in the path of Gospel and Gaming is a vital component of ministry and an important role of support that I play, but also that you can play.

Support computer keys.jpg

Whenever you see or hear someone talking about a video game, say a quick prayer for Gospel and Gaming and the gamers we minister to. Whenever you are at church or a Bible Study and are reminded of how much God loves you, say a prayer for those who don’t know him. Whenever you look around at your community of support, say a prayer for the gamers who are alone in life. Whenever you see an update about Gospel and Gaming, say a pray for Jacob, Michael and Ben. Gospel and Gaming cannot happen without YOUR support, YOUR love for gamers. Loving people is hard, but today I challenge you to find a gamer in your midst and reach out to them, love them, show them God’s love.

Stay tuned for next week’s Manic Mondays to find out some tips on how to show God’s love to the gamers in your life.