Manic Mondays: The Millennial Question

By Amy Toman

One thing that I enjoy doing is perusing through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to see what new stories are trending. Most of the stories are light-hearted or involved with parenting or homeschooling, but recently I have been expanding my horizons: I have been focused on finding blogs, articles and videos that require me to think in a way that is not something I do daily. This video I found is one such video and has provoked much discussion on the internet. Jacob and I have been watching and discussing this video for the past couple of days; I am still thinking through this video and figuring out what I think about it and where I stand on the issues at hand.  I would love to hear your thoughts and see what all our supporters and readers think of this video.

Some things to consider while watching this video:

  1. Is there someone to blame?
  2. Should this viewpoint change the way we currently raise our children?
  3. What is our role as Christians to help Millennials deal and cope with these issues?
  4. How does scripture talk about people who are “dealt a bad hand”- the poor, the sick, the widows and foreigners?

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