First Impressions: Acquire

By Stuart Holden

Welcome to our First Impressions series!  We love trying out new games, and in this series we are playing games for the first time and sharing some of our initial thoughts.  It’s not a formal, in-depth review, just quick impressions after having played the game once or twice.  Enjoy!

Recently I sat down with Gospel & Gaming Content Director Michael Mendis to play the board game Acquire, a game where you create corporations, and buy and sell stocks in order to end up with the most money.  We played the game a couple times; each playthrough involved different players (aside from the two of us), which provided different contexts for us to play in.

Here are some of my first impressions of the game:

  • It’s a good looking game; artwork-wise, the makers didn’t try to be too trendy and use the latest look of games now days. It has a sleek feel to it, one that’s almost corporate. It looks like a blend of Monopoly and Scrabble, and has some gameplay similarities of the two.
  • The rules are fairly simple. Both times we played this, at least one person from the two different groups made this observation. As a result, people can usually figure out how to play by at least the second round.
  • It’s not a game that I would foresee playing a lot, as the gameplay is so simplistic; one could get bored quickly. Rather, it’s a good game to play with people who aren’t into long and intense games and want to enjoy the company of others. I would say the same people Scrabble is intended for would probably enjoy this.
  • Whoever sits on the wrong side of the board will have a difficult time playing, as the grid-based game board will be upside down for them. In both cases we played, the person on the wrong end came in last place. This isn’t to say that you’ll lose every time under these circumstances, but it seems like something to be aware of. A fellow gamer suggested that a Lazy Susan-style turntable be underneath the board during gameplay; this would allow people to be able to turn the board until it suited their needs.

Overall, things were pretty well thought out, and gameplay was very enjoyable. Perhaps the makers should come out with an expansion pack?


Stuart Holden is a volunteer with Gospel & Gaming.