Manic Mondays: Introduction

By Amy Toman

Imagine the perfect Monday. You slept great and wake up rested. You are early for work; the kids are dressed, happily eating breakfast and in my case doing school work without a fight. Now imagine a more realistic Monday. You were up all night with screaming kids or playing video games. The alarm goes off way too early, the baby is crying and the sheets need to be changed. The preschooler is full of energy already running around the house. You are behind on everything that needs to happen, and it’s not even 8am.

Welcome to Manic Mondays! Now you might be asking why Manic Mondays… or you might have kids and understand why I would call this Manic Monday. There are 2 definitions of Manic: wild and deranged excitement, and frantically busy. Depending on the week my Mondays could fall in either of these definitions.

This is a brand new weekly series at Gospel & Gaming that will focus on the behind-the-scenes of family life with the Tomans. As a missionary wife I receive questions all the time about what my life looks like and how we implement ministry into our everyday life. Manic Mondays will be an assortment of posts about family life, using games for homeschooling and education, and planning and hosting in-home gaming events.

I thought we’d start with a little game to learn more about me and the kiddos who will appear in many pictures.

Current Book that I’m Reading: The Circle

Current Game I’m Playing: Pokémon Go

Favorite TV Shows: Counting On and Bringing up Bates, Little People

Favorite Movies: Any and all Disney Princesses

Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Favorite Time of Day: Nighttime when the house is dark and quiet

Favorite Kids Show: Cosmic Kids Yoga - a great way to get rid of excess energy for kids and work out for mom

Favorite Kids Toy: Blocks


That’s just a little about me. How about you? Feel free to leave some of your favorite things in the comments.