Manic Mondays: Thanksgiving

By Amy Toman

We are going to take a break from our series on fundraising trips this week (you can catch up on the last three posts here, here, and here) to talk about Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is the start to the holidays and time spent with friends and extended family. In our house, this is the holiday where we host and invite people over (which in the past have included family as well as people from seminary and some international friends); this year is our first Thanksgiving in our current home, and we are hosting our extended family.

So how does gaming fit into Thanksgiving? One thing that I struggle with as a host is preparing the necessary food and entertaining. How can I be in the kitchen cooking and still have our guests feel loved and happy? Break out the board games!

Our family is a huge football family so we always have sports on in the background, but there are often a lot of women present who would rather not watch football; as such, we will have a few different games to choose from that people can play. The games we have out before dinner consist of “old fashioned” games; we will have Uno, Dominoes and Sorry out this year.

After dinner and dessert, everyone is full and can tend to get a bit tired and cranky; this is another time to break out the board games. Since I'm not required to be in the kitchen, we will play newer board games and involve everyone. This year, Alethea is old enough to participate, so we will play games that allow her to join in. Cooperative games work great for holidays with family, such as Forbidden Desert or Pandemic; I'm sure we will break out Spot It, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and Quelf this year.

Amy and the kids.jpg

Playing board games as a family gives everyone a fun way to connect and bond during the stressful holiday season. It is a great way to keep controversial topics to a minimum and just spend some fun quality time together. The games you play will be dependent on the group that you have and the ages involved; some families may enjoy games like Charades or Pictionary while others may prefer more in depth games like 7 Wonders or Sheriff of Nottingham. No matter what games you decide to play, why not try to bring some fun gaming to your Thanksgiving celebration this year?