Manic Mondays: Fundraising Trips (part 1)

By Amy Toman

Fundraising is one aspect of Gospel and Gaming that affects our entire family. Jacob and the other missionaries are the primary fundraisers, but there are days that call for our entire family to go on a fundraising trip together. This is something I love about Gospel and Gaming, and homeschooling; I love that the kids and I can go with Jacob on fundraising trips to meet with new churches and individuals and share the work that we are involved in for Christ.

One of the many questions I get about our trips is the logistics with 2 young children. Throughout the past 3 years of Gospel and Gaming, I have travelled short and long distances with 1 and 2 children. I thought it would be good to share some of my experiences; this will be the first of several posts on this general topic.

Let’s start with the types of trip we take. Some missionaries travel around the country every few years, some fundraise mainly by phone and some fundraise for years at a time and send updates in between. We do a little bit from each of the above examples.  Gospel and Gaming fundraises by traveling around the country, calling supporters, visiting churches, and updating our support network on a monthly basis. The kids and I are involved in trips that require some sort of travel, whether locally or interstate.

A majority of the fundraising trips the kids and I attend are local, meaning within an hour of St. Louis. We love to show our support to Gospel and Gaming, especially when Jacob is preaching or presenting at local churches. Once a year we take a long road trip and stop at many supporters’ homes to give an update on the ministry and our family. We also attend supporting churches or potential supporting churches during this trip. Most of our supporters can be visited through a long car trip, but sometimes we are required to fly as a family.

Jacob and Ezra at church.jpg

The type of trip that we are taking is the determining factor in my preparations. For a long trip, I need to make sure to take a lot of entertainment for the car, a hotel or someone’s house.  For a shorter trip, I pack more of a normal day out bag that I would pack for around the city. No matter where we travel, Jacob and I take time with the kids beforehand to explain what will be happening.

We are firm believers that our children are a part of Gospel and Gaming and have their own roles and ways to show Christ to others. Before travelling, we make sure to remind Alethea why we are traveling, how this will affect her regular schedule, and what we expect out of her.  Ezra is young, but he is able to understand that we are going somewhere different and daddy will be talking. The next few posts will go into detail about what activities I use to entertain the children in the car/plane/church, how we expect our children to behave on fundraising trips, and the mental and spiritual preparation that I use before these trips.

Ali at LSC.jpg