Manic Mondays: Penguin Pile-Up

By Amy Toman

Penguin Pile Up has become a new favorite game in our household. This game was a gift from my cousins when we were visiting them in Pennsylvania; it was one of their favorites that they wanted to share with our children.

Penguin Pile Up is a fun game with simple instructions but huge strategy! Your main goal is to place all your penguins on the iceberg before the other players place theirs. The iceberg pivots as penguins are placed on it and will eventually turn and knock all the penguins off.

Although there is only one way to play this as a game, my children have found many other ways to enjoy the penguins. Alethea likes to pretend she is decorating a cake with penguins, that they are being attacked by sharks and much more imaginative play. The game itself is suggested for ages 5+, but Alethea is 4 and plays it with her friends, and Ezra enjoys placing penguins on the iceberg, usually causing his mommy to lose.

This is a fun game that teaches kids balance, coordination and fine motor skills. It is a lot harder than it looks to balance these penguins, and I have to admit Alethea beats me a lot. Her hands are just the right size to squeeze penguins onto the iceberg where I can’t. I would recommend this game for kids to play with each other and parents.