Manic Mondays: Colors and Shapes Match Game

By Amy Toman

As many of you know, we currently homeschool Alethea. As a homeschooling mom one of the hardest things is trying to teach your child when they just don’t want to. It can be difficult to draw a line in between being a teacher and a mom. There are times that require me to step back, take a deep breath and remember that learning is suppose to be fun, not stressful. This is when I will go to our closet and pick out a fun game we can all play together.

This game is called Colors and Shapes, and it teaches children shapes, colors and matching. I was given this game years ago before we had kids, when a dear friend of mine was cleaning out her schooling supplies. I pulled this game out the other day and gave it a try with with Alethea (4.5 years), Ezra (17 months), and a little girl I babysit who is 2.5 years old. That is quite an age range but this game allows for GREAT adaptation. There are 3 different ways the game can be played: the first way is to use the cards and play memory while working on shapes, colors or both; the second way is to play BINGO and the first person to fill their card with the correct colored shape wins; the third way is to flip the card over, where there are black and white pictures of household items, and match the correct shape to the item.

I LOVE the variety of ways this game can be played. So far we have only used it to match the cards to the board; this way has allowed the younger kids to focus on color matching, while Alethea can start learning the names of more advanced shapes. It has been great practice for her in differentiating between squares, rectangles, octagons, and hexagons. Ezra is a bit too young to play the game, but he is constantly pulling this off our shelf due to the wonderful colors and sizing of the cards. Right now, he likes to look at the cards, put them in a pile, and spread them out again. The cards are sturdy enough for this type of play and even the occasional mouthing that occurs from younger kids.

I don’t think this game is one that I would spend money on, but I definitely like the concepts. Alethea did not enjoy this as much as other games she has played, but it was a great review of her shapes and colors. This could be easily recreated at home with shapes/letters/words or any other topic that you are learning about. A simple 2-step game like this is a great foundation builder for the more complicated games in the future.