Nerd in the New Year recap

By Jacob Toman and Michael Mendis

Gospel & Gaming wrapped up 2015 and welcomed the New Year with our second annual Nerd in the New Year, a board gaming event where people can enjoy food, fun, and fellowship with one another as we gather at the end of the holiday season. Here are a few quick takeaways from both Jacob (G&G Lead Missionary) and Michael (G&G Content Director).


Jacob: I had a great time at Nerd in the New Year this year. I’m thankful to our generous hosts at Memorial church for a 2nd year letting Gospel & Gaming facilitate gamers gathering together to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

This year went incredibly smooth from start to finish thanks in large part to our staff and volunteers helping at the event. I got to step away from the registration desk to play a few games. My favorite from this year was called “Roads and Boats”. As 3 of us were playing it, several difference NITNY guests came by and made comments about the similarities between Roads and Boats to Settlers of Catan. The similarities are present in the design of the board and the meeples used. Beyond the board and meeples, Roads and boats is miles and nauts ahead of Catan in its demanding strategy of supply chain logistics.

At Nerd in the New Year I got to do 3 things I love in ministry work: Fellowship with old friends, make new friends, and game together! As 2016 starts, I’m excited for more board gaming events and opportunities to share the love of Christ through recreational gaming.


Michael: At this year’s Nerd in the New Year I really enjoyed the chance to play some new games this year and meet new people.  I started off my gaming time with Forbidden Desert, a cooperative game where you and your crew have crashed your flying ship in the desert, and you must rebuild your ship and escape before you run out of water or are buried under a sandstorm.  It was a good game to start the night with, as it was quick to learn and easy to play.

After that I joined a small group playing through a quick, standalone session of Dungeons & Dragons.  This was something I was more familiar with, as I have been part of a D&D group that started up in the summer, but it was interesting to play as a different kind of character and in a new story.

Finally, I took a stab at learning Castles of Burgundy, a strategy game where you build cities, construct ships, and acquire various resources in order to enough victory points to win the game (which sounds exactly like Settlers of Catan, but in reality is much different, and far more complex, than Settlers).  As all of the players were new to the game, it was frustrating for a while as we struggled through the rules, but fortunately someone who had played the game before came over and helped us learn.  We ultimately didn’t get very far into the game, but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit once I understood the rhythm and strategy of the gameplay.

Altogether I had fun at Nerd in the New Year; it is a blessing from God that He has given us the space, time, and other resources we need to put this event together, and I look forward to continuing the tradition next year!