10 hours walking in Skyrim & Social sexual harassment

[Originally posted on October 31, 2014]

By Jacob Toman

So in response to the 10+ hours of a woman walking around experiencing unwelcome verbal harassment in New York, some in the gaming community decided to make light of the issue via the following video:

1 problem quickly come to mind with this & 1 real principle to take from it:

1. This video does nothing but reinforce the idea that gamers are about trolling (including real life serious issues like harassment and sexual assault). Which is truly revealing just how much opportunity there is for genuine, & serious discussion with gamers about practical social issues.

2. News & argument through humor is still as persuasive as ever. Shows like the Colbert Report & Daily show cover news topics that are often otherwise ignored by their viewing demographics. But through humor attention is at least brought to the issue-perhaps those seeking to persuade others can use a bit more humor as a method since so many among the millennial generation respond to cynical humor rather than stoic arguments.