Game Reviews - Why We Review Games

[Originally posted on May 15, 2015]

By Michael Mendis

Starting soon, we at Gospel and Gaming will be reviewing games.  This probably won’t come as a shock to many people; after all, game reviews have been a prominent part of gaming websites, both Christian and secular, for decades.  But we feel that before we start writing reviews, it’s important to ask some basic questions about them.  Why write reviews?  How should we evaluate them?  How do we best communicate our opinions to our readers?  Over the next few days, we’ll be answering these questions, giving all of you some insight into the way we approach game reviews and how we hope you will be able to benefit from them.

So why will we be reviewing games?  There are a variety of reasons, but one of the simplest and most important reasons is that we are passionate about games, and we want to share that passion with all of you!  We want to tell you about all the powerful stories, thrilling moments, and big disappointments we experience as we play games.  We want to talk about the exciting ways that developers are innovating in our favorite game genres, or creating entirely new genres we’ve never even seen before.

Another reason is that we are committed to engaging with gaming culture, and an important part of engaging culture is critiquing it.  Anyone can say whether they enjoyed a game or not, but to really learn from it, you have to dive deep and examine what makes it good or bad.  We’ll talk about this more in depth soon, but in short we’ll be talking about what we like and dislike about a game’s mechanics and storytelling, as well as describing potentially objectionable (violence, language, sex) and helpful content (educational, character-forming, enjoyable) found within.  We’ve already offered a brief critique (though not a formal review) of a game as part of a larger discussion on homosexuality in gaming.

Finally, we want to review games because we want to help you make informed decisions about what games you purchase.  We know that gaming can be expensive, and with thousands of games released across many different platforms every year, it’s important to be able to sift through all of them to find the highest quality titles, and to know if the content within is right for you and your family.