Game Reviews - Review Guidelines

[Originally posted on May 17, 2015]

By Michael Mendis

In order to be transparent with you, our readers, about our game review process, we are posting the guidelines that we will be following as we post our game reviews:


Game must be completed before reviewing

-          Campaign finished entirely

-          Finish as many side-quests as possible

-          Must try out all multiplayer modes, and after the game has been released to the public

-         For board games, must complete at least 5 playthroughs of the game



Scoring System (will be posted at the bottom of the review page)

-         Give the game a letter grade (F, D-, D, D+, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+)

-          If applicable, label the game as NOT SUPPORTABLE based on objectionable content (if not applicable, just stick with the overall letter grade)



Objectionable Content

-          Make sure to inform the reader about potentially objectionable content (violence, language, sex), even if said content did not dramatically detract from your personal experience with the game.  We want to make sure our readers are aware of the types of things they may be exposed to in the game so that they can make the best purchasing decision possible.

-          By the same token, make sure you are still speaking intelligently about your experience with game mechanics, story, art direction, and various other aspects of the game.  If objectionable content really impacts your experience with the game, then by all means, tell the reader about it!  Just make sure you are also discussing the game’s other fundamental elements.

-       Be sensitive about describing objectionable material.  Say that there is “strong language” or “foul language”, don’t invoke words in other peoples’ heads (like “the main character said the f- word”).  Don’t go into too much detail describing something like a sex scene or a dismemberment; we want to inform our readers, not gross them out or tempt them to sin.



Key information about the game (Will be posted at the top of the review page):

-          Developer

-          Publisher

-          ESRB rating

-          Platforms on which the game is being released, and the version of the game played for review;  Example: “PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC”


Stylistic Requirements

-       Include a cover image (official box art) to be posted at the top of the web page

-       Include at least 3 screenshots (can be self-created or cited from another source) to be inserted several places throughout the review; images from official game websites or press releases are always good picks