How do you incorporate God while playing a video game?

[originally posted on November 11th 2013]

By Jacob Toman

Here at Gospel & Gaming we are always happy to interact with questions from believers and unbelievers about faith, gaming, recreation, and technology. Recently Jacob was asked the following:

"How do you incorporate God while playing a video game?"

Here is Jacob's response:

Great question. This really is a fantastic question that someone needs to write a book about. This really is fundamentally a question of how we view our relationship with God. I am a married man, and thus am joined in one flesh with my wife, that being said, I don't incorporate her into my gaming, or incorporate her into my writing, or somehow channel her into my speaking, or meditate on her while conversing with a contact.

Nonetheless there are certainly ways in which I can honor, dishonor, and glorify or shame the relationship that exists between my wife and I doing all of the above things. The same can be said of God-rather than approaching gaming asking "how can we somehow incorporate God into X activity?" the question I ask myself when inspecting my own activities is "how does my relationship with God incorporate this activity" rather than the other way around.

My relationship with the creator God is not one that is turned off, turned on, started, or stopped, it is an ongoing relationship that informs everything I do, all that I am, and whatever path of life I journey on. Incorporating God into gaming, reading, walking, talking, facebooking, music, etc, is very different than incorporating those things into the relationship that already exists.

The relationship a believer shares with the creator and sustaining power of the universe is the primary relationship in that person’s life. Other relationships come and go, but there is nothing that can separate, destroy, or negate the bond between Jesus the lover and his people the beloved. This also means that there is no activity the believer undertakes that does not also include the Lord of the universe. Both areas of our lives-work and leisure-must be intentionally pursued for God's glory. It is in our whimsical and inconsistent living that we forsake to remember that in our work and play Christ is unified with us, and that unity allows us to give him the glory in all that we do.